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Geography And Urben Planning
Investigating the viability of cities located in environmentally sensitive areas (Case study: Zabol city)

Rostam Saberifar; seyed mehdi moosa kazemi; fatemeh karimian pour

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 06 November 2023

  Unlike some cities in Iran that have recently faced the phenomenon of dust and environmental problems, Zabul has been facing this problem for years. Although research has been done on other cities, But no studies have been done on Zabul. Descriptive and inferential statistics were analyzed using SPSS ...  Read More

Investigating the Factors Affecting Public Participation in Urban Old Texture Regeneration, Case Study of Mashhad City

Rostam Saberifar

Volume 13, Vol 3 , Series 28 , December 2023, , Pages 97-114

  The current research is mainly aimed at determining the effective factors concerning public participation in old urban texture regeneration. Descriptive and analytic method is applied in this research and 363 residents of urban old texture in Mashhad have been selected as the samples of the study. A ...  Read More

Prioritization for Streets that have the Ppotential for Walking the Area of City Yazd Historical Context by Using Analytical Tools of Weighted Sum, the Geographic Information System

Najma Esmailpoor; Rostam Saberifar; Mohamadali Habibi

Volume 12, Issue 24 , December 2022, , Pages 59-78

  The aim of this study is Prioritization potential pathway to walking at the historical context of yazd city. the research is an applied research with descriptive analytical method . research indexes were obtained using theoretical framework of research and validation of criteria was confirmed by experts ...  Read More

Assessing the Realization of Healthy City Policies Based on Local and Regional Needs, Case Study: South Khorasan Province

Rostam Saberifar

Volume 11, Issue 21 , September 2021, , Pages 29-42

  The aim of this study was to evaluate the implementation of healthy city policies based on local and regional needs in South Khorasan province. The type of research was descriptive and analytical, which was conducted in terms of conditions and the realization of the idea of ​​a healthy city in South ...  Read More

The Effect of Satisfaction of the Citizens of Municipalities in Urban Environmental Sustainability, Case Study: District 9 Mashhad

Rostam Saberifar

Volume 7, Issue 14 , November 2016, , Pages 11-24

  The provision of citizens’ satisfaction as well as their participation in urban management is one the main goals of participatory systems as people’s dissatisfaction makes the interaction of people with the municipality difficult, or even impossible. For this reason, the present study aimed ...  Read More

Geography And Urben Planning
The Study of developing Birjand City with the Criteria of Environmental Hazards
Volume 3, Issue 6 , October 2012, , Pages 93-102

  Cities forward to develop upon dangerous natural-infrastructures, while there is lack of proper and immediate urbanism law and provision. This condition, moreover to that exceeds the amount of these kinds of dangers, leads to make the most possible victims because of civil population concentration. This ...  Read More

Geography And Urben Planning
biological and environmental outcome of separation and segregation of urban open spaces(mashhad city)

Rostam Saberifar

Volume 2, Issue 4 , October 2011, , Pages 0-0

  Urban open spaces are invaluable assets in maintaining ecological health in a highly developed urban matrix. Unfortunately, habitat values and ecological quality of these areas are often challenged by consecutive urbanization. The assessment of changing structure and function of an urban space system ...  Read More