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  • The papers taken from theses and dissertations of the students will be published with the name of the academic advisor/ supervisor, consultants and the student and with the confirmation of the academic advisor and his/ her own responsibility.
  • The final acceptance of the article is after the approval of the juries, when the final file is confirmed by the Editor.
  •  The articles published in electronic form do not require the certificate of acceptance.
  • After final acceptance of the paper, in addition to the final pattern format publication, authors will be posted a copy of the article must be approved by a simple Word format with respect to the type and font size, but without observing the pattern of two columns and first page of article.


Tagvaei, M., Akuchekian, M. (2014), Analysis of the system, West Azerbaijan Province during 1956 to 2006, Biannual Journal of Urban Ecology Researches, Tehran, PNU, the fifth year of the tenth number: 66-45.


  1. Proceedings

Family name and name of the author, year of publication, article’s title, family name and name of the collector, the title of proceedings, year: page numbers.


Rostami, Payam, Forotan, E. (2012), the effect of urbanization in the watershed run off in District 22 of Tehran city using Swmm model, Proceedings of the Fifth Conference of the watershed and water resource management and soil, March, Kerman: 9- 10.


  1. Footnotes

The Explanatory footnotes at the end of the page and the number of Notes included   in the paper are joined together.

10. It is necessary for all articles in which the qualitative and quantitative methods have been used to send their data, questionnaire or computer output to the article’s attachment

11. All of the tables, maps, diagrams etc. must be mentioned in the text.

12. The format of tables, maps, etc. must be adjusted based on the presented pattern in the Authors’ Guide Menu.

13. All of the resources in the text and the references list must be the same in all terms (spelling, year, etc.)


  • Go to the electronic address of the Journal (
  • Select the Submission option
  • Study the Authors’ Guide and adjust the article based on it
  • Register in the system
  • Log in with your user personal name and password
  • Submit the article

It should be noted that as soon as completion of the process of submission, a receipt will be sent to your email address.

Other cases

  • Journal is free to accept, reject, edit, summarize or correct the accepted papers and it is excused of returning the received papers.

3. The text’s distances from four sides of the page are: Bottom: 3 cm, Top: 3cm, Left: 2.5 cm, Right: 2.5 cm, and the paper is in two columns with the equal distances from the left and right edges of the paper and the width of each column is 7.5 cm and the distance of the two columns is 1 cm with the single line spacing (single-spaced).


4. The title of Persian article must be in B Lotus 18 bold font, the authors’ names in B Lotus 12 bold font; the title of English article must be in Times New Roman 17 bold font, and the authors’ names in Times New Roman 11 thin font.


5. The minimum number of abstract’s words must be 100 words to maximum 250 words. The title of Persian abstract has to be in B lotus 12 bold font and the Persian abstract’s text in B Lotus 10 thin; the title of English abstract must be in Times New Roman 11 bold font and the Persian abstract’s text in Times New Roman 10 thin.


6. The Persian version of the paper must be in B Lotus 12 thin font, and the English texts must be in Times New Roman 11 thin font, the inside titles of the paper must be in B Lotus 14 bold and the subsidiary titles in B Lotus 12 bold. The referring method in texts must be in (APA), that is to say that the references used in the text must be wrote as following:


7. The author’s family name, date of publication: volume number, page number (Mozaffar, 1996: Vol. 1, p. 11). In case of repetition, the same reference must be immediately mentioned with the same word and volume and page number.


8. The finalized version needs to be sent in one volumes, with the main references.


9.The list of references at the end of the paper must be formulated according to the alphabetical order of the author’s family name as following:





Family name, author’s name, year of publication, book’s name, translator’s name, place of publication, publisher’s name, publication number, date of publication, volume number: pages.


Edward, Brian, Torrent, David (2014), sustainable housing (principles and implementation), Mahmoud Shorja, publishing Modiran Emroz, First Edition: 23-46




Family name, author’s name, year of publication, article’s title, journal’s name, place of publication, number of magazine: page numbers.


The Main Approaches and Bases of Journal of Urban Ecology Researches

The main objective of “Journal of Urban Ecology Researches” is to develop the urban, geographical and interdisciplinary researches which consider a balanced, comprehensive and holistic development.

   This semiannual journal is intended to publish the theoretical, experimental and analytical papers with proper scientific quality. Hence, we invite the academic communities, researchers and scholars to send their research papers to the Journal’s website ( which includes “theoretical innovations or unique and applicable experiments in the emerging subjects and issues of urban ecology related to the relationships among the urban environment and urban energy systems, urban ecology and agriculture activities around the cities, the city and its suburbs in relation with the reflection of natural, ecological, socio-cultural and political-economic issues of the settlements located in the suburban and urban areas and finally how the city is in relationship with other cities and villages”.

   The papers submitted to the semiannual Journal will be published after reviewing by the Editor, Academic Council and approving by the expert Juries in case of being consistent with the Journal’s trend, approaches and policies, Authors are required, before proceeding to write your essay, paper carefully read the terms and conditions:

Terms of development, acceptance and how to send the paper


  • · The sent articles must be in the specialized filed of the Journal and have educational or research aspects and be the result of researches and studies of the author(s).
  • · They must not have been published or have been simultaneously sent to any domestic or foreign journal.


  1. The paper must include title, introduce the author(s) (Insert E-mail of  Corresponding Author is required in  subtitle Index), Persian and English Abstract, Key Words (3 to 7 words), JEL classification, Introduction, Findings, Conclusion, Appendices and References(Full details on the system for electronic publications should be listed author).
  2. Use Microsoft Word 2003-2007 and develop the paper in paper size of A4 (Folio 21*29.7 cm).