In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Association For Environmental Assessment (IAEA)


The main purpose of the Journal of Urban Ecological Research is the development of urban, geographical and interdisciplinary research aimed at balanced, comprehensive and holistic development that promotes the development of all cities and settlements of our beloved Islamic homeland of Iran in line with national goals and policies. Have an opinion. With the hope that in the near future we will see healthy, human-oriented, eco-oriented, culture-oriented, justice-oriented and suitable and worthy human beings of the divine caliph on earth.


The purpose of this journal is to support applied, fundamental and developmental research, focusing on "theoretical innovations or unique and applied experiences in emerging urban issues and issues related to: the relationship between the environment and energy systems, basin management, urban industrial ecology and agricultural activities around cities, environmental crises and related management and planning, the city and its suburbs in relation to:

Reflection of Natural



Social and Political-Economic Issues of Urban and Rural Settlements Located in the Suburbs or Urban Area and Finally how the City Relations with other Cities and Villages” .