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The present article has tried to identify and cluster the drivers influencing the future state of the urban environment in the 22nd district of Tehran using the method of structural analysis. In terms of practical purpose, in terms of method, this research is a combination of documentary and survey methods, and in terms of nature, it is based on the new methods of future research, analytical and exploratory science, which was carried out by using a combination of quantitative and qualitative models. . Theoretical data was prepared by documentary method and experimental data was prepared by survey method. The statistical population was 20 urban experts based on purposeful or judgmental sampling. 21 drivers have been processed in the form of 5 economic, socio-cultural, managerial and institutional, physical and environmental dimensions with the structural interaction analysis method in MICMAC software. The results of the research from the analysis of mutual effects indicate the dispersion of barriers in a complex and intermediate situation of effectiveness and effectiveness. The clustering system of obstacles indicates the concentration of driving forces in the area of independent propellants. Drivers of improving access to public transportation, using light and clean fuels, strengthening social and public participation in improving the urban environment, tightening laws and regulations to reduce air and water pollution, increasing the density of forest cover in the region, management Optimizing urban waste,


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