In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Association For Environmental Assessment (IAEA)

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In most ancient cities of Iran, monuments and historical significance and cultural contexts are abundant with various features such as microlithic, known problems and unstable access As in other areas of Kashan old texture old , Need to continue your life that are motion controlled with regard to problems such as population declines, lack of access within the neighborhood, increasing and abandoned dilapidated spaces, lack of facilities required, must move in order to solve these problems occur This study aimed to analyze the factors on rehabilitation of worn out tissues descriptive and analytical research methods and data to be viewed, and questionnaires were collected and to analyze them using SPSS and AMOS were used A sample of 385 households out of which the population of old texture of Kashan 7830 households selected The findings indicate that access to services and facilities, identity and social capital and ownership of housing and income is an important factor affecting rehabilitation And Sultan Mir Ahmad and door in neighborhoods of the points mentioned were more willing to revitalization of their residents.


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