In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Association For Environmental Assessment (IAEA)

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21The main purpose of this study is to organize old texture of the city and motivate inhabitants to stay in the area through improving spatial quality. In the process of unbalanced urban development, large proportion of downtown old texture, with its structural deficiency, represents an environment which has become living place for immigrants and low-income groups. Central texture of Rafsanjan follows trend of gentrification theory.This texture suffers from inappropriate structural characteristics and is in a low position regarding structural index. Gentrification theory is the main framework used in the study which emphasizes house reformation and improving residential environment. Based on the theory, decreasing physical quality of the neighborhoods results in capital outflow and replacing original high-income groups with low-income ones. Data collection was carried out using laboratory and field research. Quantitative methods, descriptive-analytical techniques and SPSS analysis model were used to investigate relationships between parameters and their strength and weakness. In addition, GIS was used to reflect sample size on its location. Then analyses will be presented in a graphical format. Finally, SWOT table and suggestions will be provided.


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