In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Association For Environmental Assessment (IAEA)

Document Type : Science - Research


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Urban Planning, Payam Noor University, Tehran, Iran.

2 Msc Student, Department of Geography and Planning, Payam Noor University, Tehran, Iran. 3. Msc, Department of Geography

3 Msc, Department of Geography and Planning, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran.


Any unwanted and disturbing sound is considered noise pollution Noise pollution is the result of the increase of industries and motor vehicles, and the excessive growth of the population, etc. and it usually disrupts urban activities and functions.
The purpose of this research is to stratify and investigate the effectiveness of hospitals in Shiraz city from noise pollution around them.The current research is based on library studies and field surveys in terms of its practical purpose and in terms of its descriptive-analytical nature and data collection method. In this regard, the impact of 8 categories of noise-producing uses of Shiraz city on 40 hospitals of this city was identified and investigated as sound-sensitive activity, and the final noise pollution map of Shiraz city was extracted through the colonial competition algorithm (minimum spanning tree MST) in Matlab 2016 software environment. became. To spatialize the studied indicators in the city of Shiraz, the method (Tracking Analyst Tools) was used in the process of network analysis (Network Analyst Tools) in the ArcGIS software environment. According to the findings of this study, Dena Hospital is the most polluted hospital in terms of noise, and Shahid Mozafari, Dr. Mir, Pars, Alavi, Kasra, Kowsar, Shahid Chamran, Shahid Rajaei, Qutbuddin, Ebne Sina, Shahid Dastgheyb ​​hospitals are in the next ranks. The results indicate that about 60% of the hospitals in Shiraz city are in the spectrum of pollution from moderate to very high pollution in terms of the impact of noise pollution.


Main Subjects

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