In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Association For Environmental Assessment (IAEA)

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With all the importance of water in the economy Iran is, every year floods volumes high of waters and Prolific soils of the country and access out to the desert, lakes and seas Delivers.the hydrological model can be structured according to the basin and operating characteristics affecting desired interaction phenomena and its behavior show with reasonable approximation.However, using different experimental models in the esteem at ion of runoff washbasin associated with many problems. Why regional analysis in flow, with an estimated return period specified by the physiographic an climatic chara cteristi chase wide application. In this study data from five sub basin the monthly precipitation and discharge in the river basin kashkan scale With good dispersion in the basin are is. Runoff generated from the multivariate regression modeling has been at tempted models for evaluating models developed using. A number of criteria and indicators in clouding, correlation coefficient, standard error, the relative error of estimation and verification, the mean absolute percentage error, Relative mean squared, error squares Square of the mean square error, the average absolute error is used.Results the multiple regression shows the I all period return Different the original factors Runoff Production factors maximum monthly rainfall, Area, time to focus, Coefficient Compaction are.


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