In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Association For Environmental Assessment (IAEA)

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Purpose of this study Evaluation Proportion Land For rapeseed cultivation Level Province Mazandaran are based on the Research Present of Data Climate 28 Synoptic stations and climatology Level Province of at Establishment Until Was created in 1390 For Performance Analysis of Three Index Needs Temperature (mean Annual Degree, Heat Average Minimum Degree, Heat Average Maximum Degree, Heat Temperature Bud Woman and Temperature, Flowering Index Needs Precipitation (mean Precipitation, Annual Precipitation, Fall, Precipitation, Winter, Precipitation Period Growth and Flowering and Precipitation Period Handling and Index Other Needs Climate (temperature Day Growth, Hours Sunny, Glacial and Moisture، Relative) Use The a Because Different Be Scale Size The Data Statistical Other Needs Climate Of Method Score Standardization Data Use Was. Methods This descriptive - analytical, so that the documentary method (library search), to collect raw data and theoretical research and study records and data from synoptic stations and land suitability assessment process provided climatology was. to Manner General Results Decomposition and Analysis Climate Time Be Generalization to Sea Widespread Will Was That With Use of Methods Interpolation Data Spot to Data Sea Conversion Be to The same Reason Of Method Interpolation IDW at Environment GIS For Measurement Proportion Land For cultivation Canola at Area Case Study Use The and the final map was produced .The analysis results showed that most of the lands have moderate limitations and low lands have no limitations area


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