In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Association For Environmental Assessment (IAEA)

Document Type : Science - Research


Using of land and natural resources, without considering the environmental and ecological potential, cause the adverse effects and environment degradation. Geomorphic forms and processes are the prevailing natural features and disasters that have caused damage to the humans and the environment via theirs properties. This study investigates the suitable positions of urban settlements development in the Yasouj according to geomorphic forms and processes. In this regard, according to region's natural characteristics, 5 criteria, 15 sub-criteria and 84 classes were identified in order to achieve goals. First, layers slope, aspect, elevation classes, lithology, settlement density, distance from settlement, landuse, road density, distance from road, fault density, distance from fault, density river, distance from river, rainfall and temperature were prepared via basic maps of Yasouj, and were analyzed. Then, these factors were evaluated and were weighed by AHP model. At the end, their raster layers were integrated by Arc GIS 10 software, and final map of urban settlements development in the study area were drawn. Finally, to confirm the results, the final map was evaluated with the current map of the city Yasouj comparatively.The results show that among the effecting factors, sub-criteria of slope, lithology and distance from settlement, with weights of 0.205, 0.129 and 0.104,have been identified as the most important factors in the site selection of Yasouj urban settlements, respectively. According to final map, about %13.46 (37.56 Km2) and %24.44 (68.406 Km2) of the study area are very suitable and suitable for the development of urban settlements, respectively.


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