In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Association For Environmental Assessment (IAEA)

Document Type : Science - Research


1 Associate professor of Geography and Urban Planning, University of Zabol

2 student


Historical and cultural contexts of cities great monuments of culture, native architecture and urban planning and considered as part of the social identity of each nation and country. Historic- cultural cities based on historic and hereditary resources have many opportunities for tourists; therefore, they are the main centers of attracting tourists. Shiraz metropolitan with rich cultural- historical backgrounds and possesses historical landscapes has high potential to attract domestic and foreign tourists. However this city can’t use so much from this industry as a source of income. Several factors are involved in this issue, disproportion land uses around the collection of Zandieh that have world-renowned, can including these factors. It is seem to be the main causes for this incompatibility, for good performance of this landuses, with locating Incompatible landuses within radius of Zandieh series use the agglomeration of population in this part of city and they were neglected from being incompatibile of this landuses with series of Zandiyeh artefacts . This study was done with aims to assess appropriateness of land uses in old contexts of Shiraz with an emphasis on the Zandieh collection which according to the nature of research used descriptive - analytical method. Results indicate that the land uses around this monuments haven’t good appropriateness which with giving help from GIS can provide suitable condition for analyzing current situation of land uses around Zandieh collection.


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