In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Association For Environmental Assessment (IAEA)

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Today, Urbanization development and the need for spend their leisure time and Free from everyday stress The importance Tourism attractions in the areas Geographical It was more showed, Therefore New patterns of tourism development Based on local development And using spatial diversity-Space Tourism Are based. Therefore In planning land preparation in Order to understand environments susceptible, guiding tourists, reduce environmental damage and concentrating on areas susceptible to, Prioritization areas and then provide strategic planning For development design implementations focusis on the development planners. On this basis, using the appropriate methods to identify the best location from many places, Using criteria and indicators, it is essential. The present research with The purpose Prioritization tourism domains Kermanshah Province Based on 4 parameters(natural, historical, Recreation, Commercial) was done That Based on this Prioritization The formulate Tourism development strategies in the domain pay. The present research Opinion Methods and Nature Descriptive – analytic And survey and in terms of content Applications-the developments.Research Tools, Questionnaire and Research statistical Society Scholars and experts in tourism in The Cultural Heritage Organization Handy craft and Tourism province Will formed and for Analysis of the data The SWOT model and TOPSIS are used. According to research the results obtained in importance respective, SLi+ index are Kangavar 0.93 and awramanat 0.92 in very good level, Ghasrshirin 0.61 with good level, Kermanshah region in ordinary level and Islamabad with zero SLi+ in weak level are evaluated. That this shows that tourism domains have need to te.


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