In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Association For Environmental Assessment (IAEA)

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Today,one of the necessities of sustainable development of cities is planning for spatial development control the normal cities.many factors are affective in city centers physical development including the develop bank branches and deliverhng financial services and bank facilities in different service,industrial and housing sections.Studying the effect of bank service and its role in urban centers spatial development and identifying effective factors we can do a more accurate and scientific planning in the direction of future of urban centers in order to maintain of regional balances provided.
In the present study,It has been attempted to classify Ilam city centers in terms of enjoyment extent of facilities and bank services in the direction of spatial develop ment using TOPSIS technique and the selection of indexes.So we first examined the enjoyment extent of city centers in terms of facilities and bank services on the bases of and financial indexes and then we evaluated city centers in terms of spatial development extent.Investigation results adjustment in the economic and physical development sections shows that there is a significant deffrence among city centers of ilam province in terms of spatial development extent on the bases of enjoyment extent of facilities and bank that there is a direct and meaning ful relation ship between increasing facilities and spatial development in ilam, sarableh and dehloran cities.Bank facilities have less effect on spatial development in abdanan and dareshahr cities.But the effect of bank facilities on spatial development has been more in ivan and mehran cities than other cities.


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