In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Association For Environmental Assessment (IAEA)

Document Type : Science - Research



In most cities of the reasons the Chinese walls and concrete riverbeds are and in later stages due to neglect and lack of proper management, these spaces become the city dump and as an abandoned space brings many problems for the city. This is when today other countries are dealing with these spaces in a manner contrary takes place with Iran. As in most foreign countries in order to organize and revitalized urban stream and rivers, mainly the destruction of the walls and the concrete river bed has been done in the past , and try to have the status of a natural river channel from its initial state back. In this study, analytical-descriptive, comparative study of stream and revitalized urban rivers in the world with experience in this area will in order to more fully understand the properties of these spaces and how they revitalized role as it has left other and optimal use of the range. The results of this research is to provide guidelines and policies with proper planning could be mess up the River and rivers of the city, while the pleasant and beautiful these spaces can be converted into a green corridor.


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