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Rapid growth of urban population Leads to complicated problems, Especially In
Occurrence Social abnormalities. Increased crime in cities threatens security and comfort of citizens and disrupts social cohesion. The Physical Structure of the cities has a significant influence on the incidence of crime and creates different spatial distribution of crime in the cities. The Demographic and socio - economic characteristics In cases where the criminals live, is one of the essential elements of Ecological crime
And other ecological element is where the crime occurred. paying attention to (CPTED) help much to this. this term Is concerned with suitable designing and efficient use of space and built environment, that leads to reduction of criminal opportunities, fear of crime and improved quality of life. This theory emphasizes the optimization of opportunities, specific and clear definition of the territory, access control and the like, which are known as (CPTED) strategies, the perpetrators of the crime can be discouraged. Research methodology is Descriptive - analytic, questionnaire have been used as a tool for collecting information among the citizens of the central district of Isfahan. Research results indicate that attention to the principles and indicators of environmental optimized design and the municipalitys assistance can play a significant role in reduction of the crime


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