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Science - Research Geomorphology
capabilities and priorities of the evaluation method Geomorfoturiste Pralong Case Study: Lorestan Province

arasto yari hesar

Volume 5, Issue 9 , May 2014, Pages 9-28

  Nature tourism Geotourism as a sub oriented along other branches such as tourism, rural tourism, cultural and plenty of capacity potential for the development of land and natural resources is sustainable. Lorestan province of Iran in the West, including the areas of capacity development activities, the ...  Read More

Science - Research Geography And Urben Planning
Assessment of environmental and economic sustainable development in the extractive cities (Case Study: extractive city Asalooyeh)
Volume 5, Issue 9 , May 2014, Pages 29-44

  Among the various cities, extractive towns have special features, including a high focus on industries and mining activities; high environmental contaminants and social problems caused by the occupational migration, and cultural duality that could be the issue of instability in the environmental, economic, ...  Read More

Science - Research Geography And Urben Planning
A study in balance of the city of Khuzestan province (1365 to 1385).

said AmanPur; reza salehi; Gholam Hossein hamidi

Volume 5, Issue 9 , May 2014, Pages 45-56

  The main objective of this research, review and analysis in the balance of the city by 65 to 85. The collected data used in Excel and Spss program, after that studied in the index of urban concentration (Mehta), the rank - size, entropy coefficient, coefficient of variation have been studied. Population ...  Read More

Science - Research
The Spatial Study and Analysis of Social Inequalities in Urban Zones of Uremia
Volume 5, Issue 9 , May 2014, Pages 57-70

  The aim of this paper is analyzing Social Inequality in urban zones of Uremia. The research method is descriptive-analytic which has used quantitative models: such as Topsis model and computational software for ranking Inequality zones. According this findings, social riches and inequality coefficient ...  Read More

Science - Research Geography And Urben Planning
Analysis of the effects of ICT on urban sustainable development(Case Study: City of Zanjan)
Volume 5, Issue 9 , May 2014, Pages 71-82

  From the beginning of the twenty-first century,role and the place of new technologies including information and communication technology in the process of achieving development hasbeen evident more than the past.Remarkable development of information and communication technologies and the expansion of ...  Read More

Science - Research Regional Researches
Spatial Analysis of the Regional Development Indicators Using by Tapsis, AHP and Cluster Analysis Techniques (Case Example: The Province of Kurdistan)
Volume 5, Issue 9 , May 2014, Pages 83-96

  realization requires coordination between the various dimensions of socity. There duality economic, social, technological and cultural development and social transformation, is one of the major issues in modern literature of development. This raises the issue of pathological of development that makes ...  Read More

Science - Research GIS
Locating the optimal development of the complex therapy Sareyn

reza vaisi; seyed ali Hosieni; maryam mohammadi

Volume 5, Issue 9 , May 2014, Pages 97-109

  This research is ready with aim of analysis space distribution and determine suitable place for sareyn spa water complex with use of (AHP) models. So notice to space distribution of these complex and regard of location standards can produce sarein city to one of the important tourism Polaris and satisfy ...  Read More