In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Association For Environmental Assessment (IAEA)

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House price which have very important effect on the Social and economic welfare of the city And the various factors have affect on it, is The most fundamental variable in housing sector. Therefore, this study analyzed the spatial distribution of housing prices in the city of Mashhad and its Affecting Factors have been explored using geographically weighted regression. The sample consists of 1000 houses (About 628 villas and 372 flats), collected during 1389 from the real estate and Khorasan newspaper sites, and then digitizes based on Mashhad’s Map. In This description study which using ArcGIS software and geographically weighted regression, the house price is dependent variable and 1. Distance from City Centre, 2.Distances to healthcare facilities, 3.Distance to the transportation networks, 4.Distance to the city's development area, 5. Region’s population, 6. Average household Income, 7.Percentage area of downtown and 8.percentage of slum area are independent variable.


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