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Science - Research Geography And Urben Planning
Evaluation of Old and Worn Urban Textures Based on the Regeneration Plan to Improve the Quality of the Urban Environment By Presenting the Scenario Case Study: Tabriz City- Chukhurlar Neighborhood

Mahdi Mohammadi Sarin dizaj; Abolfazl Shahamat

Volume 15, Vol 1 , Series 34 , June 2024, Pages 1-26

  Shows that the inner parts of urban settlements are often worn out and inefficient. The aim of this research is to evaluate the worn-out texture of Chokhorlar neighborhood in the old and inner part of Tabriz city, which was completed by presenting a scenario. The research is of applied type and its method ...  Read More

Science - Research GIS
Study of Proper Spatial Organization of Garbage Dumps in Dorud City Using GIS System and Fuzzy Logic

Mohammad Almasi nia; Hasan Alizadeh

Volume 15, Vol 1 , Series 34 , June 2024, Pages 27-42

  The aim of the present study is to identify suitable locations for landfills in Dorud city using GIS system and fuzzy logic. Descriptive-analytical research in the research of the criteria of the Environmental Protection Agency (IEPO) that are considered for this process, including topography, geology ...  Read More

Science - Research Climatology
Simulation and Forecasting of Maximum Temperature and Heat Waves in Urmia City

Roghayeh Maleki Meresht; Majid Rezaei Banafsheh Daragh; Behrooz Sobhani; Masood Moradi

Volume 15, Vol 1 , Series 34 , June 2024, Pages 43-60

  The aim of this study is simulation and forecasting of maximum temperature and heat waves in Urmia city from 2020 to 2050 in order to predict and reduce the negative effects of a sudden increase in temperature, which is simulated using SDSM software and CanESM2 model And is predicted using the most appropriate ...  Read More

Science - Research Geography And Urben Planning
Analysis of Spatial Physical Vitality of Mirza Kazem Caravanserai and Golshan Sara in Hamedan with Emphasis on the Theory of Christopher Alexander Living Centers

Somayeh Hatefi Shojae; Ali Akbari; Mahta Tari

Volume 15, Vol 1 , Series 34 , June 2024, Pages 61-78

  Hamedan with a long history in Iranian urban planning, has a relatively large bazaar.Mirzakazem Caravanserai and Golshan sara are among the most important caravanserais in Hamedan, which are important due to their location next to the historic bazaar of Hamedan, the commercial center of cities such as ...  Read More

Science - Research physical geography
Land Use Analysis and its Effects on Land Surface Temperature Changes Case Study: Karaj City

Sayyad Asghari Saraskanroud; Memhdi Faal Naziri

Volume 15, Vol 1 , Series 34 , June 2024, Pages 79-100

  In this study, the effects of land use changes with surface temperature of karaj cityand spatial autocorrelation have been discussed using the moran index. for this purpose, landsat OLI- TM satellite imagery has been used in 2000 and 2018. first, the images were taken and the required images were applied. ...  Read More

Science - Research Geography And Urben Planning
Analysis of Spatial Distribution of Urban Land Uses in Ahwaz City, Case Study: District 3

Mohammad hasan Yazdani; Sahar Hassanpour

Volume 15, Vol 1 , Series 34 , June 2024, Pages 101-118

  This study was conducted with the aim of analyzing the distribution pattern of land uses in the district 3 of Ahvaz. Land uses were evaluated at the regional, district and neighborhood levels by calculating indices of Compactness, Herfindahl-Hirschman, Fragmentation, Simpson’s Diversity, Entropy, ...  Read More

Science - Research environment
Analysis of Factors Affecting Women's Security in Urban Parks, Case Study: Azadi Park in Shiraz

Aliakbar Heidari

Volume 15, Vol 1 , Series 34 , June 2024, Pages 119-138

  Women, as half of the urban population, have more specific sensitivities than men about perceptions of crime areas. Therefore, by examining their perspectives on identifying crime potentials at the level of urban spaces, it is possible to achieve the characteristics of a safe urban space from the perspective ...  Read More

Science - Research
Feasibility of Formulation of Eco-Friendly Strategies and Operation Plans for Developing Intelligent Transportation Systems in Khorramabad City

Moslem Beiranvand; Heidar Jahanbakhsh; Somayeh Beiranvand

Volume 15, Vol 1 , Series 34 , June 2024, Pages 139-156

  The purpose of this study is the feasibility of developing eco-oriented strategies and operational plans for the development of smart transportation systems in Khorramabad city. Descriptive-analytical research method was implemented using survey. The research data collection tool was a researcher-made ...  Read More

Science - Research Geography And Urben Planning
The Economic Role of Border Corridors on Sustainable Urban Development Dimensions, Case Study: Mirjaveh City

Ehsan Allah Rigi; Mahmoudreza Anvari; Masoumeh Hafez Rezazadeh

Volume 15, Vol 1 , Series 34 , June 2024, Pages 157-170

  The purpose of this research is to study the economic role of Mirjaveh border corridors on sustainable urban development dimensions. This research is descriptive-analytic in terms of method and nature, and in terms of purpose it is an applied investigation. SPSS software was used to analyze the data. ...  Read More

Science - Research Geography And Urben Planning
Urban Flood Hazard Zoning Using Fuzzy-Analytic Network Process (ANP), Case study: Maragheh City

ebrahim sami; Maryam Ebadi

Volume 15, Vol 1 , Series 34 , June 2024, Pages 171-186

  The purpose of this study is to zone flood risk in the city of Maragheh due to floods caused by the inundating of the Sufi Chai River. The criteria being used included the distance from the river, distance from drainage lines, population density, residential density, slope, DEM, aspect, and land use. ...  Read More