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Science - Research Habitatation
Comparative evaluation of urban network Khorasan Razavi, North and South, with an emphasis on urban centers
Volume 3, Issue 5 , April 2012, Pages 9-22

  In the present paper, status of the urban network in the provinces of Khorasan, North Khorasan, Razavi and South are studied and thoroughly assess the degree of balance or imbalance has been determined. The aim of this study was to evaluate the spatial relationship between urban network Khorasan provinces ...  Read More

Science - Research Geography And Urben Planning
Ranking the amount of having Tourism Services and Facilities in Township Centers of Fars Province
Volume 3, Issue 5 , April 2012, Pages 23-34

  Of tourism services and facilities are important prerequisites for tourism planning and development of this sector is considered. Methods This study is descriptive. Index and weight to determine the importance of models for analyzing data from Delphi and Topsis model is used. the following matrix IFE ...  Read More

Science - Research
Comparative comparison of Region's development Case study: region of Razavi KHorasan
Volume 3, Issue 5 , April 2012, Pages 35-50

  Abstract The balanced development of human being complexes of a region is one of the most important regional planning aims. There are several model used for evaluation of regional plans corresponding to balanced regional development.In this paper the regional development of Razavi khorasan is studied ...  Read More

Science - Research Geography And Urben Planning
Study and analyze of Shiraz park and green space


Volume 3, Issue 5 , April 2012, Pages 51-70

  The most important effect of cities green space is their environmental practice that has make cities meaningful as human biosocial culture. The green space should build qualitively and quantitively according to city physical mass (building, streets and roads) and society needs (psychological, free time ...  Read More

Science - Research Geography And Urben Planning
An analysis of Quantity and Quality of urban planning Journals in the scientific journals of Iran from 2008 to 2011

Nader Zali

Volume 3, Issue 5 , April 2012, Pages 71-88

  Nowadays, quality and quantity of journals is one of the main aspects of development of any country. Thus, the authors are aiming to present the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of 13 scientific journals related to urban & regional planning through content analysis of them. Content analysis ...  Read More

Science - Research Geoeconomic
Analysis of regional disparities, with social justice approach (Case study: Golestan province)
Volume 3, Issue 5 , April 2012, Pages 89-104

  Intense focus and balance of features including Third World countries is, Areas so that it may also provide for the division and disintegration of states. Recognizing inequalities and imbalances within the geographical boundaries of the (country, province, city), Discover the differences and differences, ...  Read More

Science - Research Geography And Rural Planning
Evaluation and Categorization of Rural Areas of the Provinces of Iran According to Employment’s indices

Mohammad Bosshaq; Davood Jamini; Ahmad Taghdisi

Volume 3, Issue 5 , April 2012, Pages 105-118

  One of the most important economic and social issues is employment problem in rural areas today and nowadays the employment is not only a place of high prestige, but it's a necessity tosurvive that importance and basic role plays in the immigrations of rural -urban and balances of regional. The purpose ...  Read More