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Science - Research GIS
Location CNG Fuel Stations by Using Fusion Techniques of Fuzzy Operators and GIS Spatial Analysis, Case Study: Mashhad District 7

Sayed Ali Alavi; Mohaddese Moazezbarabadi; Asadollah Divsalar; Behbod Jafari

Volume 7, Issue 13 , June 2016, Pages 9-18

  Achieving the balance between the spatial distribution of resources and services in urban areas is one of the main objectives of the government. District 7 in Mashhad with a population of about 220000 people and an area of 5200 hectares is one of the most crowded urban areas of Mashhad. CNG fuel station ...  Read More

Science - Research Geography And Urben Planning
Faith-based Public Organizations and Social Management of Neighborhoods, Case Study: Local communities in district 1 of Tehran

Zohreh Fanni Fanni; Seyed Mohammad Rezazadeh

Volume 7, Issue 13 , June 2016, Pages 19-32

  Public participation in the form of spiritual institutions, which are known as faith-based public organizations (faith-based NGOs), is now one of the key strategies in local community development. Faith-based NGOs usually work to promote the human spiritual life; however, related extensive studies and ...  Read More

Science - Research Habitatation
Affecting Demographic Factors and Physical Changes in Settlements around Metropolises and Related Consequences, Case Study: Gharachak City

Hamid Jalalian; Asghar Pashazade; Farivash Namdari

Volume 7, Issue 13 , June 2016, Pages 33-50

  Immigration and the growth of metropolitan areas are always associated with major changes in the areas around them. National Tehran metropolis with its rapid growth in recent decades has caused population increase and physical development of the surrounding towns and villages. The aim of this study is ...  Read More

Science - Research Geography And Urben Planning
A comparative study of physical-spatial growth pattern of Tabriz and Istanbul metropolis

Mohammadrahim Rahnama; Mahdi Abdoalahzadeh; Mahdi Sadegzade

Volume 7, Issue 13 , June 2016, Pages 51-66

  Urban growth pattern is one of the major issues which can contribute to sustainability and life of cities, and with all characteristics including form, function, physic and content, has been the endless concern of theorists, philosophers and idealists from at least the 5th century BC to the present day, ...  Read More

Science - Research environment
Assessing the Impact of Urban High-rise Building on Wind Flow Performance, Case Study: Tehran, District 22

Esmaeel Salehi; Ahmadreza y/avri; Farane Vakili; Parasto Parivar

Volume 7, Issue 13 , June 2016, Pages 67-80

  Increasing population has disrupted the order of nature and led to restructuring of the original land. In recent years, in order to prevent the horizontal growth of cities, the idea of constructing high-rise buildings in cities around the world such as Tehran metropolis has been proposed. One of the ...  Read More

Science - Research GIS
Spatial Analysis of the Dispersion of Cultural Centers and Its Optimal Location, Case Study: Saqqez

Ali Zangiabadi; Sharare Saidpour

Volume 7, Issue 13 , June 2016, Pages 81-94

  The optimal distribution of uses as well as service centers is an issue which urban planners often emphasize, as the rapid growth of population and city expansion has caused an inappropriate spatial distribution of urban uses. Cultural centers are an example of the uses whose distribution and dispersion ...  Read More

Science - Research
Analysis of the Tourism Potential of Hormuz Island with an Emphasis on Academic Land use

Ahmad Pour Ahmad; Mahdi Gharakhloo; Alireza Dan Astanearb; shiva Pourghorban

Volume 7, Issue 13 , June 2016, Pages 95-113

  Today, universities are considered as the primary means of development of the country and their significant and influential role in various aspects of science, culture, society, economy and politics become more and more clear. The increase of knowledge level in society leads in the improvement on living ...  Read More