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Science - Research
Environmental Impact Assessment of Chamkhaleh Port Construction Using RIAM Matrix Method

Roya Ramezani Kiasejmahaleh; Mohammadjavad Amiri; Lobat Zebardast

Volume 13, Vol 1 , Series 25 , April 2022, Pages 1-16

  The present study aimed to investigate the environmental impacts of construction of Chamkhaleh port in both construction and opration phases using the RIAM matrix method. The research method was descriptive-analytical. The required information were collected by reviewing the project assessment report, ...  Read More

Science - Research
A Comparative Study of the Personality Components Effectiveness on Residential Satisfaction Case Study: Moghadam, Takhti & Hashemi Neighborhoods in Tehran

Maliheh Bbabakhani; Asieh Sameh

Volume 13, Vol 1 , Series 25 , April 2022, Pages 17-34

  The purpose of this research is to explain the effectiveness of personality components on residential satisfaction. The applied research was done using the descriptive-analytical method. Hierarchical cluster analysis and K-Means were used to determine the locations of the study sample. The target audience ...  Read More

Science - Research
Measuring Urban Creativity Indicators by Using KBUD, Case Study: Tehran, Mashhad and Esfahan

Masoome Jafari; Manuchehr Tabibian

Volume 13, Vol 1 , Series 25 , April 2022, Pages 35-50

  The aim of the present study was to measure the indicators of urban creativity and compare the three metropolises of Tehran, Mashhad and Esfahan. This research was done with a descriptive-analytical method of applied type. To measure information, four criteria and 23 sub-criteria were extracted, and ...  Read More

Science - Research
Investigating the Effect of Spatial Quality on the Vitality of Urban Park Case Study: Ardebil Shurabil Park

Islam Karami; Abbas Bostani; Ali javanforouzande; Raheleh Abdollahi

Volume 13, Vol 1 , Series 25 , April 2022, Pages 51-68

  The present study has analyzed the effect of different physical and non-physical dimensions of space on promoting the vitality of Shurabil Park in Ardebil, with the aim of identifying dimensions of spatial quality affecting     the vitality of urban parks, and has provided design ...  Read More

Science - Research environment
Identification of Environmental, Social, Economic and Physical Components of Sustainability in Small Cities, Case Study: Likak City

Ghobad Zarinmanesh; Forouzan Farrokhian

Volume 13, Vol 1 , Series 25 , April 2022, Pages 69-86

  The purpose of the current research was to identify the components of urban sustainability in the city of Likk, of the provinces of Kohgiloyeh and Boyer Ahmad, using a descriptive-analytical method. First, 36 indicators in 4 environmental, economic, social and physical dimensions of urban sustainability ...  Read More

Science - Research
Evaluation of Liveliness Dimensionsins in Urban Walkable Streets, Case Study: Esfris Walkable Street of Ardebil

Ata Gaffari Ghilandeh; Chnour Mohammadi

Volume 13, Vol 1 , Series 25 , April 2022, Pages 89-106

  The main goal of this research is to evaluate the dimensions of vitality in the Esfris sidewalk in Ardebil city and to provide effective solutions in order to improve the vitality of the sidewalk. The research is descriptive-analytical and practical in terms of purpose, the statistical population of ...  Read More

Science - Research
The effect of tourist satisfaction from tourist areas on word of mouth mediated by destination identity, Case study: Rudkhan and Masouleh castles

yazdan shirmohammadi; Mohammad Tagi Amini; Esmaeil Nasiri Hendkhaleh; Maryaam Bahrami

Volume 13, Vol 1 , Series 25 , April 2022, Pages 107-122

  The purpose of this study was to measure the effect of tourist satisfaction with tourist areas on word of mouth through mediation of tourist destination identity among tourists of Qala-e Rudkhan and Masouleh (Fooman city). The research is applied in terms of purpose and descriptive in terms of research ...  Read More

Science - Research
Assessing the resilience and ecological potential of the city against earthquakes with emphasis on environmental components (Case Study: Tehran City Area 3)

Musa Abedini; Ail Eshghei Chaharborj; Saide Alavi

Volume 13, Vol 1 , Series 25 , April 2022, Pages 123-140

  Population growth and growing urbanization have led to the growth and expansion of cities in unfavorable locations regardless of natural and ecological parameters. Lack of principled planning in the process of physical development of the country's cities has increased the vulnerability of urban complexes ...  Read More