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Science - Research
Investigation of Indigenous Components Affecting the Quality Improvement of Spatial Structures of Modern and Traditional Urban Sidewalk in Tabriz Metropolis

Reza Valizade; Mehdi Farajzade; Fereidoun Babaie aqdam; Ali Panahi; Ali Azar

Volume 13, Vol 4 , Series 29 , March 2023, Pages 1-16

  The purpose of this study was to investigate the status of pedestrian indicators in Trabiat and Valiasr pavements. The tool  used in this paper is questionnaire. The study population  consisted of pedestrians, shopkeepers and residents of these two areas. Using simple random sampling method ...  Read More

Science - Research
Spatial Analysis of Physical Resilience with Emphasis on Urban Regeneration, Case Study: Coastal Cities of Mazandaran Province

Zinat Ranjbar; Pari Shokri Firoozjah; Gholamreza Janbaz Ghobadi

Volume 13, Vol 4 , Series 29 , March 2023, Pages 17-34

  The present study was aimed to spatially analyze the status of physical resilience in the coastal cities of western Mazandaran province with emphasis on urban regeneration. This research was applied-research in terms of purpose and had a descriptive-analytical nature,. The method of collecting research ...  Read More

Science - Research
Assessment of Physical-Environmental Resilience in Urban Communities, Case Study: Abadan and Khorramshahr Cities

Mostafa Mohammadi Dehcheshmeh; Mohammad Ali Firoozi; Jafar Saeedi; Fathollah Shamsaei Zafarghandi,

Volume 13, Vol 4 , Series 29 , March 2023, Pages 35-52

  The present study aims to assess  physical resilience, environmental and hazards indicators in the cities of Abadan and Khorramshahr. The research tool was a researcher-made questionnaire that was based on the results of Cronbach's alpha method with minimum reliability coefficient (0.7), approved ...  Read More

Science - Research
Evaluation of Urbanization Impacts on Minimum and Maximum Temperature Changes in Urban Areas, Case Study: Northwest of Iran

Abdullah Faraji; Hossein Asakereh; Hossein Mirmosavi; Solmaz Motalebizad

Volume 13, Vol 4 , Series 29 , March 2023, Pages 53-74

  The aim of the current research is to evaluate the effects of urbanization on the temporal and spatial changes of climatic parameters and their relationship. Therefore, the impacts of urbanization on minimum and maximum temperature variations were investigated in Iran's Northwestern urban areas. For ...  Read More

Science - Research
Investigating and Analyzing the Socio-Cultural Barriers of Public Stable Transportation Development in Ahwaz Metropolis

Majid goodarzi; Mohammadali Feroozi; Omid Saeidi

Volume 13, Vol 4 , Series 29 , March 2023, Pages 75-98

  The purpose of the current research is to investigate and analyze the socio-cultural obstacles to the development of sustainable public transportation in Ahvaz metropolis. The current research is applied and developmental in terms of its purpose, and descriptive and analytical regarding its nature with ...  Read More

Science - Research
Spatial Analysis of Green Space Use in District of Kerman City Using a Quadratic Quality Matrix

Abdolreza Kazeminia; Ali Esmaeily

Volume 13, Vol 4 , Series 29 , March 2023, Pages 99-118

  The purpose of this study is spatial analysis of green space and the best way to reach it in region 1 of Kerman‌. In this regard, using 4 qualitative evaluation matrices of desirability, compatibility, capacity and dependence  )multi-criteria decision making methods) were applied to investigate ...  Read More

Science - Research
Comparative Evaluation of Neighborhoods in terms of Urban Prosperity Index Case Study: District 6 Neighborhoods of Tehran Metropolitan

Taher Parizadi; Mazhar Ahmadi; Azad Rahimzadeh

Volume 13, Vol 4 , Series 29 , March 2023, Pages 1119-138

  The aim of this research is a cooperative evaluation of the urban neighborhoods in district 6 of Tehran based on urban prosperity indicators. Applying urban prosperity in neighborhood planning is a new policy in sustainable urban development. This research based on the method, is descriptive-analytical ...  Read More

Science - Research
A Comprehensive Model in Developing of Strategy for Promoting Urban Environmental Management, Case study:District 22 of Tehran Municipality

Maryam Hashemi; Akramolmoluk Lahijanian; Mazaher Moeinaddini; Alireza Moghaddamnia; Reza Arjmandi

Volume 13, Vol 4 , Series 29 , March 2023, Pages 139-154

  The purpose of the study is to investigate the quality of urban environmental management in the district 22 of Tehran in order to provide a comprehensive model and improve it. The research is applied in terms of purpose and analytical-descriptive in terms of method, so in collecting data from internal ...  Read More