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Science - Research
Improvement of the livability of worn-out Urban Textures Using Ecological Intervention Strategies, Case Study: Khorramabad City

Moslem Beiranvand; Heidar Jahanbakhsh

Volume 13, Vol 3 , Series 28 , December 2023, Pages 1-22

  The purpose of this study is to identify the spatial-physical structure, and problems of the worn-out texture of Khorramabad and factors affecting the livability of this texture for presenting scientific and practical solutions for it, to recreate through the application of endemic interventionist programs, ...  Read More

Science - Research
Determining of the Potential Areas of Winter Sports Using AHP Method in Sepidan Township

Abbasali Arvin (spanani); Hooshmand Ataei; Poria Karimi

Volume 13, Vol 3 , Series 28 , December 2023, Pages 25-44

  The purpose of this study is to investigate the ability to develop suitable winter sports areas in Sepidan city. The research method is analytical-descriptive and applied. In this research, using the AHP method, the most susceptible Areas for the development of winter sports in Sepidan township have ...  Read More

Science - Research
Measuring and Evaluating of Urban livability Components whith Using Environmental Indicators Approach Based on MCDM Techniques, Case Study: Triple Neighborhoods Ahvaz Metropolis

Nazanin Hajipour; Saeid Amanpour; Ali Shojaian

Volume 13, Vol 3 , Series 28 , December 2023, Pages 45-60

  The purpose of this research is measuring and evaluating urban livability components using environmental indicators approach based on MCDM techniques in triple neighborhoods of Ahwaz metropolis. This research is descriptive-analytic in terms of method and nature, and in terms of purpose it is an applied ...  Read More

Science - Research
Morphology and Correlation Study of Variables of the Courtyard System in Kashan

Farzad Farnad; Hadiseh Kamran Kasmaei; Mehdi Khakzand; Gholamhossein Memarian

Volume 13, Vol 3 , Series 28 , December 2023, Pages 61-80

  The purpose of this study is to investigate the variables that form the courtyard system of Kashan houses (from a morphological point of view), to improve the climatic comfort of the house in Kashan and to determine the significant of correlation between them. These variables include length, width, height, ...  Read More

Science - Research
Developing Urban Sustainability and Empowering Women Through Home-based Businesses, Case Study of Informal Settlements in Sanandaj

Rahmatollah Bahrami Paveh

Volume 13, Vol 3 , Series 28 , December 2023, Pages 81-96

  This research has investigated the impact of home businesses on women in the outskirts of Sanandaj city in social and economic dimensions. The research, with an innovative approach, has identified the ways of empowering women in the outskirts of Sanandaj through home businesses in order to achieve economic ...  Read More

Science - Research
Investigating the Factors Affecting Public Participation in Urban Old Texture Regeneration, Case Study of Mashhad City

Rostam Saberifar

Volume 13, Vol 3 , Series 28 , December 2023, Pages 97-114

  The current research is mainly aimed at determining the effective factors concerning public participation in old urban texture regeneration. Descriptive and analytic method is applied in this research and 363 residents of urban old texture in Mashhad have been selected as the samples of the study. A ...  Read More

Science - Research
An Analysis on Principles of Ecological Wisdom and Sustainability of Native Houses in Desert Zones, Case Study: Monuments of Historical Texture in Yazd City

Mahjabin Radaei; Esmaeil Salehi; Shahrzad Faryadi; Mohammad Reza Masnavi; Lobat Zebardast

Volume 13, Vol 3 , Series 28 , December 2023, Pages 115-134

  The purpose of the current research was to know the implementation patterns of ecological wisdom to improve livability in the desert residential buildings of Yazd city. The research method was descriptive-analytical and inferential, and the effective criteria in evaluating the implementation patterns ...  Read More

Science - Research
Study of the Change Trend in Selected Cities Temperature Extremes Using Artificial Neural Network Model

Behroz Sobhani; Leyla Jafarzade Aliabad; Vahid Safarian Zengir

Volume 13, Vol 3 , Series 28 , December 2023, Pages 135-154

  The aim of the current research is to study and predict hazardous extreme temperatures in some cities of central Iran, for this purpose the minimum and maximum temperature data of 15 meteorological stations (cities: Esfahan, Shahreza, Natanz, Nain, Ardestan, Semnan, Shahroud, Garmsar, Damghan, Yazd, ...  Read More