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Investigation of ecological attractions of protected areas around Tehran with emphasis on tourism carrying capacity (Case study: Varjin)

Sahar Tabibian

Volume 15, Vol 2 , Series 35 , April 2024

  The rapid growth of the tourism industry and the prioritization of economic benefits in protected areas around Tehran have disturbed the principles of sustainable development and leads to increasing pressure on the environment. So calculating the carrying capacity of tourist areas is recommended as a ...  Read More

Understanding the Requirements of Biophilic Intersection Design in Residential Complexes of Tehran, Case Study: Phase 1 of Ekbatan Township

faeze yazdanirostam; Zahra Sadat Saeideh Zarabadi; Farah Habib

Volume 14, Vol 4 (Series 33) , March 2024, , Pages 103-120

  This article has tried to identify and cluster the effective requirements on the design of biophilic architecture of interurban spaces in the first phase of Ekbatan settlement of Tehran, using the method of structural analysis. Theoretical data has been prepared by documentary method and experimental ...  Read More

Improving Urban Ecological Security Management Using Quality Performance Development Technique, Case Study: Persian Gulf Martyrs-Lake Recreation

Zeinab Mohseninia; Manouchehr Tabibian; Farah Habib

Volume 14, Vol 3 , (Series 32) , October 2023, , Pages 97-114

  The purpose of this research was to explain how to use quality performance enhancement to reflect the demands and tendencies of the people in promoting ecological security management in the city. In order to evaluate the performance of this technique, the Persian Gulf Martyrs-Lake recreation complex ...  Read More

The Study of Effective Factors in Increasing the Visual Attractiveness in the Everyday Landscape, Case Study: Golabdareh, Tehran

zahra karami; Seyed-Abbas Yazdanfar; Seyed-Bagher Hosseini; Saeid Norouzian-Maleki

Volume 14, Vol 2. (Series 31) , September 2023, , Pages 37-50

  In this research, we aimed to identify the effective factors in increasing visual attractiveness to achieve high urban quality and the mood of people in the urban landscape. Previous studies have shown that visual factors play an important role in improving the quality of urban environments. Therefore, ...  Read More

Comparative Evaluation of Neighborhoods in terms of Urban Prosperity Index Case Study: District 6 Neighborhoods of Tehran Metropolitan

Taher Parizadi; Mazhar Ahmadi; Azad Rahimzadeh

Volume 13, Vol 4 , Series 29 , March 2023, , Pages 1119-138

  The aim of this research is a cooperative evaluation of the urban neighborhoods in district 6 of Tehran based on urban prosperity indicators. Applying urban prosperity in neighborhood planning is a new policy in sustainable urban development. This research based on the method, is descriptive-analytical ...  Read More

Analytical Evaluation of Urban Development of Performance with Green City Criteria, Case Study: District 22 of Tehran City

Seyed Zeinolabedin Hosseini; Esmaeil Salehi; Homa Irani Behbahani

Volume 12, Issue 24 , December 2022, , Pages 1-20

  The present study was conducted with the aim of analytical evaluation of green urban development trends in District 22 of Tehran during a five-year period from 2011-2016. The research method was descriptive and analytical. Research data were collected in two time periods (2011 &2016) from official ...  Read More

A Comparative Study of the Personality Components Effectiveness on Residential Satisfaction Case Study: Moghadam, Takhti & Hashemi Neighborhoods in Tehran

Maliheh Bbabakhani; Asieh Sameh

Volume 13, Vol 1 , Series 25 , April 2022, , Pages 17-34

  The purpose of this research is to explain the effectiveness of personality components on residential satisfaction. The applied research was done using the descriptive-analytical method. Hierarchical cluster analysis and K-Means were used to determine the locations of the study sample. The target audience ...  Read More

Measuring Urban Creativity Indicators by Using KBUD, Case Study: Tehran, Mashhad and Esfahan

Masoome Jafari; Manuchehr Tabibian

Volume 13, Vol 1 , Series 25 , April 2022, , Pages 35-50

  The aim of the present study was to measure the indicators of urban creativity and compare the three metropolises of Tehran, Mashhad and Esfahan. This research was done with a descriptive-analytical method of applied type. To measure information, four criteria and 23 sub-criteria were extracted, and ...  Read More

Assessing the resilience and ecological potential of the city against earthquakes with emphasis on environmental components (Case Study: Tehran City Area 3)

Musa Abedini; Ail Eshghei Chaharborj; Saide Alavi

Volume 13, Vol 1 , Series 25 , April 2022, , Pages 123-140

  Population growth and growing urbanization have led to the growth and expansion of cities in unfavorable locations regardless of natural and ecological parameters. Lack of principled planning in the process of physical development of the country's cities has increased the vulnerability of urban complexes ...  Read More

Geography And Urben Planning
Detection and District Analysis of Urban Green Space Changes in The 22 Districts of Tehran

Mehri Roozbahani; Gholamreza Janbaz ghobadi; Sadroddin Motevalli; Jalal Azimi amoli

Volume 12, Issue 25 , March 2022, , Pages 37-58

  The main aim of this paper is to detect the ten-year changes in urban green spaces of Tehran metropolis, from 2010 to 2019, using the time series of Landsat 5, 7 and 8 images. The change detection was done in both annual and ten-year scale and the results are analyzed in two spatial scales; city level ...  Read More

Analysis of Epistemological Foundations and Theoretical Models of Sense of Place and Roots among the Residents of Haft Houz Neighborhood of Tehran

sodeyf Eslami Parikhani; Mohsen Kalantari; Abolfazl Meshkini; Isa Piri

Volume 11, Issue 21 , September 2021, , Pages 165-178

  The present study was conducted with the aim of analyzing the epistemological foundations and theoretical models of the sense of place and roots among the residents of Haft Houz neighborhood of Tehran. The research method was descriptive-analytical and a researcher-made questionnaire was used to collect ...  Read More

Geography And Urben Planning
Tourism Development Strategies in Tehran based on Regional Competitiveness Identity through Metaswat Method


Volume 12, Issue 3 , May 2021, , Pages 89-104

  This study was conducted to assess the position of Tehran from a tourism perspective using a questionnaire. The target community is officials and experts in the field of tourism who were selected as a sample size based on the Delphi technique who were familiar with the subject and environment. The research ...  Read More

Phenomenological Analysis of the Morphological Dimensions in Tehran Entrances

Maryam Mohammadi

Volume 11, Issue 22 , March and April 2020, , Pages 107-122

  The purpose of this study was to present an analytical model of morphological dimensions of the entrance, based on the phenomenological approach and study of the main inputs of Tehran. The methodology of this article was based on qualitative- Survey methods. Since the study of urban entrances has not ...  Read More

Predicting the Number of Housing Units in Tehran toward Economic Competitiveness

Fatemehalsadat Afsahhosseini; Hossein Zabihi; laala jahanshahloo

Volume 10, Issue 20 , September 2019, , Pages 97-110

  The theory of urban competitiveness is based on Porter Diamond's theory. There is a link between housing that has a large share of the total economy and urban economic competitiveness.The adequacy of the supply and allocation of land for the development of new housing, as well as the importance of maintaining ...  Read More

Preparation of Air Pollution Mapping by Interpolating Kriging Method in GIS, Case Study: Tehran Metropolis

Camelia Alavi; Sedigheh Kianejad; Seyyedeh Alameh Sabbagh

Volume 10, Issue 20 , September 2019, , Pages 171-184

  Tehran as the largest city in Iran, is one of the most polluted cities in the world, so necessity of accurate detection of contaminants and identifying contaminated areas for reducing their severity is obvious. The aim of this research was prepared Tehran air pollution map and determining the areas with ...  Read More

Geography And Urben Planning
Residential Sustainability, Urban Worn Out Texture, Housing, Factor Analysis, Tehran

Hossein Hataminejad; Ahmad Pourahmad; Sara AllahGholipour

Volume 10, Issue 20 , September 2019, , Pages 185-198

  The purpose of this research was to analyze the residential sustainability indicators in district 1 in region 9 of Tehran, which is part of the urban worn out texture. This research is an applied based on the purpose, & also it is done with descriptiveanalytical method. In line with the sample size, ...  Read More