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A study of effectiveness of the environmental trainings for teachers in the field of optimization of the energy consumption

Mohammad Rezvani1; Seyed Mohammad Shobeiri; Somayeh Khanifar; Mehdi Nojavan

Volume 2, Issue 4 , October 2011, , Pages 0-0

  As regards training is one of the most effective components in development of every country, applying comprehensive and continuos proceedings in order to increase the public awareness about environmental issues is necessary. So, encouragement of schools HM teachers to learning environmental knowledge ...  Read More

Geography And Urben Planning
Optimal location of green space In Ardabil City using the Analytical Network Process model (ANP), and geographic information system

Musa Abedini; Elnaz Pirooz; Zahra Amini; Somayyeh Parastar

Volume 12, Issue 3 , May 2021, , Pages 1-20

  Green spaces and urban parks should be considered among the most fundamental factors fo the sustainability of natural and human life in today's urbanization. The Selection of optimal sites for the construction of green spaces and prioritization of these sites based on different criteria can be considered ...  Read More

Achieving Sustainable Housing with the Aroach of Analyzing Physical, Social and Economic Indicators, Case Study: Sirjan City

Hassan Hekmatnia; Alireza Pakgohar; Ali Bagheri Kashkouli

Volume 12, Issue 25 , March 2022, , Pages 1-18

  This study has investigated the impact of physical-spatial, social and economic indicators on the realization of sustainable housing in the city of Sirjan. The type of alied research and its the study method was descriptive-analytical. 600 informants, specialists and experts formed the statistical population ...  Read More

Environmental Impact Assessment of Chamkhaleh Port Construction Using RIAM Matrix Method

Roya Ramezani Kiasejmahaleh; Mohammadjavad Amiri; Lobat Zebardast

Volume 13, Vol 1 , Series 25 , April 2022, , Pages 1-16

  The present study aimed to investigate the environmental impacts of construction of Chamkhaleh port in both construction and opration phases using the RIAM matrix method. The research method was descriptive-analytical. The required information were collected by reviewing the project assessment report, ...  Read More

The Role of the Function of Semi-Open Space in the Structure and Architecture of the Native Buildings of Bandar-Lengeh

Hamed Mohammadi Mazraeh

Volume 13, Vol 2 , Series 27 , June 2022, , Pages 1-18

  In the present study, the role and position of semi-open space in the structure and architecture of Bandar Lengeh native buildings were analyzed and evaluated from the perspective of experts and citizens. The general purpose of the present study is to identify the semi-open space in creating a context ...  Read More

Improvement of the livability of worn-out Urban Textures Using Ecological Intervention Strategies, Case Study: Khorramabad City

Moslem Beiranvand; Heidar Jahanbakhsh

Volume 13, Vol 3 , Series 28 , December 2023, , Pages 1-22

  The purpose of this study is to identify the spatial-physical structure, and problems of the worn-out texture of Khorramabad and factors affecting the livability of this texture for presenting scientific and practical solutions for it, to recreate through the application of endemic interventionist programs, ...  Read More

Investigation of Indigenous Components Affecting the Quality Improvement of Spatial Structures of Modern and Traditional Urban Sidewalk in Tabriz Metropolis

Reza Valizade; Mehdi Farajzade; Fereidoun Babaie aqdam; Ali Panahi; Ali Azar

Volume 13, Vol 4 , Series 29 , March 2023, , Pages 1-16

  The purpose of this study was to investigate the status of pedestrian indicators in Trabiat and Valiasr pavements. The tool  used in this paper is questionnaire. The study population  consisted of pedestrians, shopkeepers and residents of these two areas. Using simple random sampling method ...  Read More

Geography And Urben Planning
Analysis of Infrastructure Index of Elderly-Friendly City in Mashhad Metropolis

Behzad Resideh; Nafiseh Marsoosi; Mostafa Taleshi; Seyed Mehdi Moosa Kazemi

Volume 14, Vol 3 , (Series 32) , October 2023, , Pages 1-16

  In recent years, due to the upward growth of the elderly population in the world, this issue has become one of the focus points of researchers. The issue of optimizing social urban structures is the most basic issue in studies related to the elderly in the field of urban planning. In this research, the ...  Read More

Ecological Evaluation of Urban Waterfront, Case study: Zohre Riverfront in Hendijan City

Behjat Mousavi; Mohsen Taban

Volume 14, Vol 2. (Series 31) , September 2023, , Pages 1-16

  The current research was carried out with the aim of ecological evaluation of the waterbrims of the Zahra river, by examining 2 Km of the waterside area, which has the most connection with the surrounding urban environment. The research method is descriptive and analytical based on its nature and method. ...  Read More

Geography And Urben Planning
The Impact of Ecological foundations on Livability of Urban Areas, Case Study: District 1 of Tehran

Farzaneh Sasanpour; Media Hakimi

Volume 14, Vol 1. (Series 30) , June 2023, , Pages 1-20

  The present research has been conducted with the aim of identifying and evaluating the ecological foundations and their impact on livability of district 1 of Tehran metropolis. Tehran metropolis, like other metropolises, is facing many problems in economic, social, environmental and physical fields, ...  Read More

Geography And Urben Planning
Meta-analysis of the typology of post-corona city patterns

hafez mahdnejad; Davood Amini Gheshlaghi

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 04 December 2023

  Today, researchers are looking for models that can work well in the event of widespread diseases. Based on this, the purpose of the current research is to typify the patterns of post-corona cities in order to understand the patterns of urban planning and policy-making during the covid-19 and future pandemics. ...  Read More

The Economical Effect of Trade Tourism on Urban Areas; case study: Baneh City

Ali Hajineszhad; Ali Ahmady

Volume 1, Issue 2 , February 2010, , Pages 7-22

  Cities in their evolution process are continuously impacted by their functions in a direct way and as a result of such impacts some changes are created in terms of spatial, economic, and socio-cultural aspects. Tourism is one of the main functions of the cities which have a noticeable impact on urban ...  Read More

Recognition of Semnan Weather Types and their Relationship with Circulation Patterns in Atmosphere Middle Level (500 hPa)
Volume 2, Issue 3 , September 2011, , Pages 7-22

  In order to recognize Semnan weather types, in this research 7 variables were studied in Semnan synoptic station from Farvardin,1st,1358 to Esfand, 29th,1382. Cluster analysis on the standardized matrix of data(stnd9094,18) and linking days on the basis of ward method showed that, Semnan has 5 weather ...  Read More

Evaluation of the potential villages Ardakan in order to use solar energy using GIS
Volume 3, Issue 6 , October 2012, , Pages 9-18

  In recent decades due to growing prices of fossil fuels and environmental pollution as a result of increased energy demand in renewable energy research and study has been considered by researchers. Resource constraints and environmental investments in the electricity sector, including key issues that ...  Read More

Geography And Urben Planning
Evaluating and Analysis level of land use compatibility with the collection of monuments Zandieh

akbar kiani; mina amirinezhad

Volume 4, Issue 7 , April 2013, , Pages 9-20

  Historical and cultural contexts of cities great monuments of culture, native architecture and urban planning and considered as part of the social identity of each nation and country. Historic- cultural cities based on historic and hereditary resources have many opportunities for tourists; therefore, ...  Read More

Geography And Urben Planning
evaluation of improvement and renovation Priorities of urban old textures in jiroft with emphasis on social- physical indicator

ali khoshab

Volume 4, Issue 8 , October 2013, , Pages 9-26

  study on social _ economic field shows that in addition to of physical subject destruction of urban textur is an economic and social process. ther are 64000 hectar of his toric and old texture of country wich challeng with texture renovation improvement and urban managemen nowaday urban planners try ...  Read More

Comparative evaluation of urban network Khorasan Razavi, North and South, with an emphasis on urban centers
Volume 3, Issue 5 , April 2012, , Pages 9-22

  In the present paper, status of the urban network in the provinces of Khorasan, North Khorasan, Razavi and South are studied and thoroughly assess the degree of balance or imbalance has been determined. The aim of this study was to evaluate the spatial relationship between urban network Khorasan provinces ...  Read More

capabilities and priorities of the evaluation method Geomorfoturiste Pralong Case Study: Lorestan Province
Volume 5, Issue 9 , May 2014, , Pages 9-28

  Nature tourism Geotourism as a sub oriented along other branches such as tourism, rural tourism, cultural and plenty of capacity potential for the development of land and natural resources is sustainable. Lorestan province of Iran in the West, including the areas of capacity development activities, the ...  Read More

Evaluating suitability of location User educational Using a combination of FDAHP models in GIS : Case Study, high schools in Area 2 and 4 of Ahwaz
Volume 5, Issue 10 , October 2014, , Pages 9-28

  In many large cities and dense spatial pattern of educational applications for various reasons, such as the placement of the annoying User Account industrial, military, hospitals, Oil Station, medical use .... and the situation is not so good. Which cause undesirable physical and psychological impact ...  Read More

Analysis of the spatial-temporal characteristics of urban expansion areas of the Shiraz city (Period "1391-1385")

Saeed Amanpour; Somayeh Gholami; Farahnaz Ghafarzadeh

Volume 6, Issue 11 , May 2015, , Pages 9-24

  One of the essential functions in geografialy urban studies by using of spatial and temporal data is urban growth analysis. In this context, urban horizontal expansion can be measured by statistical indicator. The main objective of this article is monitoring of growth of 9 urban areas, quantifying the ...  Read More

Geography And Urben Planning
Challenges of physical Development of Songhor affected by Glacial Deposits accumulation and Slop Instability

Manijeh Ghahroudi Tali; Kazem Nosrati; Esmaeel Abdoli

Volume 6, Issue 12 , November 2015, , Pages 9-16

  The physical development of cities located in the mountainous often occurs towards the hillsides. The hillsides as a result of glacial erosion in the Quaternary period have deposits characterized by permeability and grain separation, which lead to instability and environmental changes if combined with ...  Read More

Location CNG Fuel Stations by Using Fusion Techniques of Fuzzy Operators and GIS Spatial Analysis, Case Study: Mashhad District 7

Sayed Ali Alavi; Mohaddese Moazezbarabadi; Asadollah Divsalar; Behbod Jafari

Volume 7, Issue 13 , June 2016, , Pages 9-18

  Achieving the balance between the spatial distribution of resources and services in urban areas is one of the main objectives of the government. District 7 in Mashhad with a population of about 220000 people and an area of 5200 hectares is one of the most crowded urban areas of Mashhad. CNG fuel station ...  Read More

The Effect of Satisfaction of the Citizens of Municipalities in Urban Environmental Sustainability, Case Study: District 9 Mashhad

Rostam Saberifar

Volume 7, Issue 14 , November 2016, , Pages 11-24

  The provision of citizens’ satisfaction as well as their participation in urban management is one the main goals of participatory systems as people’s dissatisfaction makes the interaction of people with the municipality difficult, or even impossible. For this reason, the present study aimed ...  Read More

Evaluation of Environmental Sustainability Indicators, With emphasis on air pollution and industrial pollutants, Case Study: Ahvaz Metropolis

Mohammad Ali Firoozi; Mostafa Mohammadi Deh cheshme; Jafar Saeedi

Volume 8, Issue 15 , June 2017, , Pages 13-28

  Evaluation of environmental sustainability is inevitable because this is one of the most important tools in the planning process due to sustainable development policy making and planning. This research has a descriptive-analytical and applied method. The aim of study is to assess the environmental sustainability ...  Read More

Geography And Urben Planning
Assessment of Place identity in urban neighborhoods Case Study: Sanglaj neighborhood, District 12 of Tehran

Batul Majid; Saman Heydari

Volume 8, Issue 16 , September 2017, , Pages 13-22

  The neighborhoods of Tehran Metropolis are one of the most fundamental social – physical elements and are considered as important communication links between the citizens. One of the key issues in city regions is spatial identityand ignoring this matter causes the citizens do not feel like belonging ...  Read More